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I had a facelift 9 months ago that included a midface cheek lift with endotines. My life has been complete *** ever since.

After the swelling went down it was obvious the fat pad was in fact not lifted and after 3 months the device had not dissolved as I was told it would. I went to two new surgeons at 5 months who both confirmed immediately that the endotine had not worked, did not lift my cheek and yes, now my body had to try and dissolve this foreign object that it was having a bad reaction to. Instead of it dissolving as the months went on, it seemed to be getting more there. I had severe abdominal pains in my left side only a month after the surgery, I didn't connect it and ultrasound showed no problem.

I started becoming very weak and could not walk on my feet when I'd get up in the morning, I started having severe migraines. The first months the endotines would start itching like crazy, open sores on my temples and above my ears would have gummy substance and bits of white plastic flakes come out that would scab over. I thought atleast my body was getting rid of it. Every two weeks it seemed I would go through this routine, the severe pain and migraines, itching, scabbing, etc.

But at month 8 things changed, it started becoming more and more painful causing me a lot of distress, I felt trapped with these poisonous very painful devices from my ears to my temples and the migraines became worse like vice grips I can feel doing more and more damage. You cannot escape or get them out. Knowing these *** things didn't even work and now are hurting me 24 hours a day has me almost suicidal sometimes. I want to warn everyone, do NOT get any Endotine device for any procedure.

It is not worth the risk and both Drs. I saw said they never use them anymore because they just don't work. Apparently they do dissolve eventually for some people but in my case I believe they are only gathering scar tissue on top of them and I am going to have to find someone to remove these. I am very scared.

Please do not get these horrible things. I was told they were plant based but my guess is they are genetically engineered corn based.

I am looking into legal remedies. Thank you.

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Let me know what came of this I had same problems I had them removed and now I have numbness and pain and two big dents in my hairline you can reach me at jennymarx50@gmail .com

to Anonymous #1364590

I'm crying as I reply to this email. My experience is no different.

I chose a "reputable" doctor in Beverly Hills who keeps encouraging me to leave them. I am one week post op and I went in to see him on my fifth day post op. Even his nurse reacted with shock and sympathy.

I don't know what to do. My advice, stay away from those things.

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